Vision or Tears: Choice is yours

Vision or Tears: Choice is yours vision stories

abinashsingh Writing to Learn, Learning to Write
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In this journey of life,
What will you Keep in your bag? Vision or Tears

Vision or Tears: Choice is yours

You seem a little low, a little destroyed What happened? From the bruises on your heart Feels like you got toyed

I won't say I am with you till your end I won't give heart healing lies

You are alone You are the bearer of your life's flag You have to do it by yourself No one will carry your heavy bag

All I can tell you is that It's important what you keep in that bag In the long endless journey of life It's important

It can be one of the two things Either your tears and cries or Your vision with smiles

You can try your tears, They will seem like they take the burden off your chest But That won't take you far

But Stick with your vision, Despite what anyone says And even while crawling and scratching barefoot, You will be faster than the mighty big car.

Dear Reader, Thanks for Reading :) - Abinash Singh

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