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a poem 'by' all those who were used, disgraced, betrayed, by someone else.

Tomorrow is Mine

Laugh at me. Go ahead, Make fun of my nudity One day I will turn the wheel of destiny

Hit me harder. Come on, What happened! Oh, I see, You Can't even bear the pain in your hand

Smile all you want, Because today was your day Today wasn't my day,

But tomorrow, The sun will rise from my side, Tomorrow, I'll be my own guide Tomorrow, I'll go so fast...

You will be angry, Not at me, But at yourself, At your fate, At your very own life And tomorrow you will curse yourself For putting me through all this strife

But you know the best part The hilarious part

I'll sleep well tonight Not because I am tired And battered And Bruised Not because of the medicines That my friend applied But because of a simple fact, That tomorrow is my day! Tomorrow I'll take on, Come what may

But you! You wasted your laughs And your money And your good time And energy Just to keep me down!

So I ask you, How will you sleep tonight Go ahead, Try your golden mattress

So I ask you, What will you eat tonight Go ahead, Try your Silver utensils For one last time

Because, Just like you ripped my clothes And shamed me on the streets Just like you marked my heart And my soul with your filth Just like you disgraced me And then Didn't care to look back

Someone, Someone just like you, Will Come for you, Will disgrace you, Will humiliate you

And all that you treasure so much, Will be taken away And you will become a living corpse, Just Like I am today!

So, I ask you What will you do at that time! Because Tomorrow I'll be the king And Tomorrow is mine. :)

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