The Peace of Death

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A poem for those poor souls who faced worse things than Death

The Peace of Death

My heart is bleeding out in rain My chest is throbbing heavily in pain

I don't know what it is all about I just want to get it out in a shout

But all my strength keeps going in vain It feels like my hands are tied in rusty chains

My legs gave signs of getting weak When I saw my incessant losing streak

I dreamed of flying like an airplane But even air didn't help, Once again

The plane got tattered like a cloth The dream got shattered but I couldn't even loathe

My back got tattoos from a cane And ordered me to redo All the things again

I got up to try And do as told But now my knees seem weak and old

Please get me a house of six by three At least loosen up my chains, if you can't set me free

The rain now seems stopped at once But what will I do now, with this useless chance

Its Time for me to rest and take a deep breath Didn't spare me alive, please let me go at death

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