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A Blind beggar came down from clouds Hearing my cries, And asked for money


A Blind beggar came down from clouds Hearing my cries, And asked for money

As I gave him some You helped a beggar, Let me help one now, He said

What can you do to help me, You are just a beggar and blind

He laughed, Exactly, I am Blind I don't cry I can only receive I have nothing to give you, I am free of everything

I am depressed and torn apart I want to do something but don't know how and what

Well that's a simple problem With a complex solution He said

Embrace it!

How can I Embrace the chaos in my family How can I Embrace the ferocious blows of destiny

He laughed again, This time harder So you want God instead of you to do it?

I am not calling God for embracing it But to help me in disgracing the disgrace

At this he got angry

You are calling it for spreading more disgrace Do you really think you will be better In a world with more disgrace than there already is!

You are calling it Because you fear to lose Because you fear you can't save Because you fear Living itself

Maybe that's why you are so eager to meet it Go ahead be the beggar of your own life

Put the weight of your strife On someone else or everyone else And Then cry when they fail because of your absence

Welcome to the Beggar's Club! And then IT vanished into the clouds again.

Seeing the weather improve, I decided to go home

It was time to return home. But I was happy I was not empty handed now, From now, not a beggar

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