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A small poetic Tribute to my favorite episode of my favorite show - The Red Wedding (Game of Thrones)

Sipping his heavenly wine Ned felt relieved. The weather seemed fine, The sky seemed clear

Like after the mighty thunderstorm Like after the child is conceived

Someone knocked A reluctant knock. Like the one kids used to When they wanted to disturb him during training

No, they can't be here, He thought He Hoped

It could be Catelyn, He thought so He hoped so

The heaven was a lonely place With all its peace and calm It was a lonely place

Then he smiled He knew it was Lyanna. She must have fought again with her husband Oh God! They don't stop even after death!

A Knock again Harder this time, An Impatient one Like an angry old friend's

He got up from his chair On his way to the door Looked at his neck His neck was now healed Or Was it the mirror

With a smile, he opened the door The smile disappeared, Once again, Fooled by Destiny Once again, Distraught

'How are you Ned', Said Rickard, With a Scar on the neck, similar to Ned's

Then they Hugged, And Sat, And shared some wine Made of tears

But soon he had to go, To answer the questions of his son And After Rickard left Ned cursed his own son Thinking of what Robb did And what should have been done

Back on Earth, the wine was served The Musicians were ready, With weapons covered

And they just waited for the ultimate signalling For it was the time of Robb's Red Wedding

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