Last Words Before Birth

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Last words or more precisely Last talk before birth

Last Words Before Birth

There was a bit of confusion As I opened my eyes A fly rolled up my cheeks But was unable to fly

And then a hand came and crushed it to death Falling down both it and I searched for a breath

Who are you, I asked the body which had no face Some earthling has died its time to replace

I trembled in fear seeing his speaking chest Please keep me tied here I begged for the best

At least give me a chance let us go to the court over there I can't go to earth my hell home is here

It started to laugh and I began to wonder I am the lone Jury here Said the executioner

It's time for you to now pay for your sins Remember the murders, you did with those pins

I cried and begged it to execute me there and then But it started looking down for the new man's Den

It laughed at seeing the family of eight They had no clothes on them and hardly they ate

What a perfect punishment for the things that you did I wiped off my tears and tried one last bid

At least tell me, sir, what was the hell was my sin Because as far as I know, my luck was too thin

That's what your sin was, the roaring voice said You thought you had bad luck, while people went dead!

Now go and live in this family of poor Despite all the hard work, whose sugar is still sour!

And then he just picked up and threw me to earth Thus Beginning a new life and the start of my dearth

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