Doubts about life

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abimopectore Have you ever felt this way?
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What happens when we realize that bad days always keep coming back?

Doubts about life

I dwell,

I dwell, to enjoy or to stress

In this illusion called life

Where rose bleeds to be red

And to smell like the purest love

Where do I stand in this circle?

To be played by myself

I dwell,

I dwell, to be happy or sorrowful

I will never be without a doubt

Is this what I live for, real?

Or just creation of my own mind

A hopeless goal, spent determination

I dwell,

I dwell, to live or to sleep

Lean on my cheerful daydreams

And reality long forgotten

Maybe I live in a dream

And I dream what could be real

I dwell,

I dwell, to believe or to doubt

Hardest truth always telling:

Hardest truth always telling: Without dark there would be no light

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