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Dream for something beautiful... But it's still a dream which is way too far from reality.....

You & me together A beautiful dream, Always waiting for a talk Of Never leave me, my heart screams. My head on your shoulder, again a dream, Very far in a garden, emerald green.

I was Crazy about you... Now I'm addicted to you, Waiting for you, counting upon you, In hope, you'll read my eyes, What I'm unable to say, you may identify. Thought of holding hands in The hardest of times, Wanna be together as Partners in crime, Not for months or years, But for lives to bear.

Having such a beautiful dream, Is my luck and you my lucky charm, Nothing in the world could harm, Our relation, our bonding, Just as soul and body imaging.

Destiny decides everything, No idea, what life gonna bring, Sand escaped the hourglass, And everything cleared, Those charming moments, are no more to cheered.

All our conversation stopped, My limits got blocked, Suddenly, you acted like a stranger, You and me were no more together....

And all I imagined was mere A dream. Now found in room filled with Insecurities and screams.... Insecurities and screams.... -Abhilasha Sharma

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