My way out...
My way out... thriller stories
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ab00b00 Words Create Worlds #mytruth
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You'll be found without knowing it..

My way out...

Outside, it's infinity, eternity. Inside, it is boiling. There's something new, something weird: It's a sound that I can see.

The night camouflages me, she wants me to be as dark as she is, but I'm moving on.

I'm moving ahead and the steps I hear are not mine.

Behind, it's the desert; Ahead, the unknown... An irresistible sound and a ray of light. I shall go on, though the night still covers me.

This naughty moon remains lurking behind my shadow. She's watching.

I'm moving towards the light. It impresses me, it pierces my night, it tears it apart. It attracts me, it impresses me. I'm moving forward.

The crossroads I forget, the turning points too. There is only the unpredictable, ahead of me. Freedom, clarity. Light, and this sound, soothing the deepest cries of my being...

The essential, straight ahead of me, I am moving on to it.

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