A Piece of Cake
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The theme of the day was "cakes" and I was inspired to write this after hearing other people's stories with EDs.

This focuses on calorie counting, something I do too. I have gotten less obsessive about it, but when I eat out that's what I look at. I want to change that, and I think opening up a discussion will help! Let's all just have a piece of yummy cake!

A Piece of Cake

Walking by the bakery In the glass window I see something dandy And fit for a lady.

Making my mouth water Filling my nose cocoa powder My blood racing for its next sugar high It must be something divine.

Yet why does mind Go into hyper drive Wanting to keep me skinny Seeing all of my bones makes me feel pretty.

The price never bothered me But those calories are always too high Of a price to pay for this body of mine Even if it was this one and only time.

It’s just a piece of cake That’s what my mother says As I look with distain

It’s just a piece of cake My friend says As my mind fills with disgust

It’s just a piece of cake That’s what I tell myself When my stomach growls My blood pressure rising for something sweet.

If it’s just a piece of cake Then why does it have So much power over me?

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