the milkshake-part one
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"Wide load coming through." "Freak."

the milkshake-part one

"Wide load coming through."



"Nobody wants to be like Mia"

This is an everyday occurrence. I've learned to get used to it, because people suck. Correction: most people suck. But walking down these hallways, are at best dreadful.

It's not as bad with headphones. At least you can block out some of the comments. Music has been my escape. Music is one of my only forms of happiness anymore.

I wish I didn't have to move here.

I moved to this school middle of freshman year. I've been here a year and three months, and I hate it. It's not the fact I hate the work. I hate how people treat me here.

People think it's okay to say rude hurtful things to me. For what reason? To make other people feel as miserable as them? I get it, my hair is bright purple.

That's not a valid reason to make fun of me constantly. A lot of people have crazy colored hair, and nobody says anything to them.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Students almost trample each other as they push their way out of the building into the cool spring air. I stand by the bright yellow lockers as I wait for everyone else to leave.

Finally, the day is over. I take a deep breath as I walk to my car. A group of girls are standing there. Waiting on me. Again.

"Oh look, the freak is here." Emma tosses her long brown hair over her shoulder. The other girls are staring at me.

I honestly don't know what I did to these girls. I try to get into my car but they're blocking the door.

"Emma come on. Please let me get into my car." I sigh and go to grab my keys out of my purse. Brooke, who looks like a shorter version of Emma, snatches them out of my hand.

"Brooke please give them back." I know I sound desperate but I just want to go home.

"Hmmm... okay. Only if you give me 20 dollars." Brooke looks at Amanda with a smirk and Amanda's bright green eyes seem to look at me with hatred.

Is she serious? That's my lunch money for the rest of the week. But if I don't give it to her then I may never leave.

"Fine." I sigh.

Brooke snatches the money out of my hand. "Thanks, I found some earrings I want to buy." she smirked.

Finally, they walked away giggling. I get in my car as fast as I can and lock the doors in case they decide to come back. I'm safe, for today at least.

I crank the radio. Wasted Love by Matt McAndrew is playing.

I let myself get lost in the lyrics, trying to forget school completely, trying to forget Emma and her friends, forget what everyone said in the hallways, forget all the insults.

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