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Everyday I had a choice: to go to school or not. Most days I really want to just stay home but I can't. "John! Time for school. The bus will be here shortly." Mom yelled, waking me up.


Everyday I had a choice: to go to school or not. Most days I really want to just stay home but I can't.

"John! Time for school. The bus will be here shortly." Mom yelled, waking me up.

I jumped out of my bed, brushed my teeth, and threw on my cut up, dirty old jeans. Next, I threw on my dirty old sweatshirt, put on some deodorant and went downstairs.

"Are you ready for your day, John? I made eggs if you want any?"

"No, mom, I need to get to the bus stop. I can't miss the bus two days in a row."

"Ok then, Have a good day!" She said, encouraging me.

I got to school and the bullies were already at it. The main bully, Arthur, was already pushing my buttons.

"Hey, loser, those are the same clothes you have worn all week!"

They just didn't understand. They would not leave me alone. I had tried to be friends with these kids for a whole year now. I let it go and went to the counselor.

"Mrs. Loon, these kids won't leave me alone. They keep teasing me about what I wear and how I act."

"Who is doing this?"

"Arthur and his friends. I have asked them to stop, but they don't."

"Well, John, maybe you have to clean up your act and dress nicer."

"Mrs. Loon, you don't understand." I said, starting to get very angry.

"John, don't talk to me like that. Respect your teachers." She snapped at me.

"Mrs. Loon my father is in critical condition after having a heart transplant. We don't have any money to waste on clothes. He could die any day and I have barely ever seen him.

I have been in a really bad mood lately because I can't even go and see my father." I yelled.

"John don't lie to me again like you have done in the past; I know thats not true. Now get back to class and clean up your act. I will talk to Arthur."

"But Mrs. Loon you don't..."

"Go John. Now." She said before I could finish my sentence.

She didn't believe me. I couldn't believe it. First, my classmates hated me and now the school counselor is against me!

I got back to class and Arthur was back at it.

"Hey messy pants where were you? Complaining to Mrs. Loon? Your such a baby."

I really wanted to just go give him a good shot to the chest but I couldn't afford another detention.

"Stop, Arthur, just stop! I have had enough."

I made it through that day without getting thrown into a locker. I was surprised.

"John how was your day at school?"

"Awful, mom, I tried to talk to Mrs. Loon about Arthur, but she didn't believe me. You have to call and talk to someone because no one listens to me."

"I will call and talk to Mrs. Loon tomorrow."

"Thanks, Mom." I said through my tears.

"Hello? Is this Mrs. Loon?" She asked, not sure she really wanted to know.

"Yes it is. Who is this?"

"This is John's mother, Karen." Mom said proudly.

"Hi, Karen. What can I help you with today?"

"John came home today very frustrated. He said he came to your office to talk about being bullied daily but you didn't listen?"

"Yes he came into my office today. But he has told me many lies in the past so I thought he would learn his lesson this time."

"Maybe you are the one that needs to learn their lesson here.

A kid came into your office with enough courage to talk to you about their problems in school and you didn't have enough respect to listen to what he had to say?"

"I'm very sorry Karen. I will take care of it first thing tomorrow morning."

"And what he said about his father is nothing but the truth. He is in the hospital in critical condition."

"Yes, Karen, I understand. I will take care of it."

"You better." She said scolding Mrs. Loon.

I couldn't believe my mom had just told Mrs. Loon off. That was the best thing I had ever heard. Maybe everything would be different now. Diffrent. That would be nice.

A different life to start fresh. Maybe no one would hate me anymore. Maybe I need to quit dreaming. I need to go to bed.

"Goodnight mom."

"John time to get up!"

I shot out of bed the next day very excited for this new fresh day. I got my clothes on and today I didn't wait for the bus. I just ran to school. I got to class and I was ready for Mrs.

Loon to give the speech, but she didn't. She just told me to go down to her office and wait. I waited for a long time, a very long time. She came back.

"Well John, I told them. They even said they would leave you alone. Now get back to class."

"Thanks, Mrs. Loon!"

I walked back in and everyone was apologizing, even Arthur.

"Hey, I'm sorry John. I won't do it again, I promise."

"Hey, thanks Arthur."

I knew this would happen one day. Now, my life has been perfect ever since, and just to put a cherry on top, my dad is back at home. He is back and living life to the best of his ability.

I just smile whenever I see him. He is my true inspiration.

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