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She grabbed the covers and pulled the betraying green colored comforter up to her chin. It seemed like no matter how many blankets she put on her bed she was never warm. Its like something, a piece of her was missing.

as the door slammed shut

She grabbed the covers and pulled the betraying green colored comforter up to her chin. It seemed like no matter how many blankets she put on her bed she was never warm.

Its like something, a piece of her was missing.

The fact that she felt as if her feet were in the frozen rain water piled on the cold December ground didn't help she couldn't she couldn't seem to fall asleep.

Her insomnia seemed to have gotten worse ever since her father left three months earlier.

In September, all she heard was the screaming of her sensitive mother and rash father.

Then soon after came the muted sounds of her mothers sobs from the room over which was certainly not the master suit but the guest room where her mother had resided since the day it all began.

Then that one night came along. She could still remember it vividly like she was standing there watching it happen. She remembered the smallest details every last one of them.

She even remembered the exact when the door slammed shut for the last time. The last night she would ever see her dad. She didn't want it to happen like it did. No one ever does.

Not her mother, and not her especially.

As she sat absent mindedly in bed she remembered. She remember that day when empty hooks appeared on walls where pleasant moments hung before.

That day was September nineteenth and ten days after her seventeenth birthday. It wasn't late. She sat up in bed on Facebook chatting with her best friend.

She was wearing her blue flannel pajamas the ones with the frayed bottoms, and a tank top. She and her friend were discussing the up coming algebra-two exam.

She was good at math but could never seem to concentrate because of her parents constantly being up in arms at each other recently.

It was as if they weren't married but just two perfect strangers living together. An F on this exam would surely be the cherry on the top of her perfect life.

That's when it picked up again. The screaming. The fighting. This time it was surprisingly wasn't about the bills being uncontrollably high. That's when she heard it the beginning of the end.

The perfect Tiffany wine glass; one of the set of twelve given as a wedding present, was thrown to the ground with a resounding shatter echoed through the cozy house currently engulfed in chaos.

The screaming stopped for a moment then the sound of his pounding yellow work boots climbing the stairs were thundering.

Too afraid to open the door and see the reality of the situation, she sat motionless in the safety of her blankets.

Persuading herself to approach the door she swung her legs out of the cocoon in which she was immersed in like always. She carefully tiptoed on the balls of her feet to the door.

Reaching for the gold finished door knob of her sanctuary away from the world, she breathed heavily not wanting to see what lay beyond the door.

She gentle placed her shaken hand on the knob but couldn't find the strength to open it.

The room was giving her one last warning, but it was too late she turned the last chance of peace of mind she had slowly and as discreetly as possible.

The half an inch of air between the door and the frame revealed all she needed to see to come in perspective. Life as she knew it was over.

She saw her enraged father with his navy blue suitcase throwing as much as he could into it. The over stuffed bag seemed to yelp as he struggled to zipper it closed.

She looked left, her mother sat on the creamed colored couch with her head in her dainty hands, almost sobbing. Before she could get one more glance at her dad, she heard the door slam shut.

She didn't even get one more look at him, but what hurt the most was that he didn't even say goodbye to her.

She knew she didn't me much to him, she was never the son he wanted, but she was his own child, and only child.

She closed the door gently, making sure he mother wasn't aware that she had witnessed the whole fight.

She crawled into her green paisley bed and put her knees in her chest, her head tucked in between and just cried as if she only had two more weeks to live.

She crawled between the comforter and the sheets of the bed, just wanting the whole world to end. She looked at the clock, it was 11:11. Her wish? She wished that night was all just a dream.

She knew this wish couldn't be granted because after all this was reality, but it was just all too real for her to handle.

The vivid flashback or more of a nightmare for that matter had her on the verge of tears once again. She shook her head to get the image out of her mind.

Her eyes gradually started to droop as the clock ticked with each minuet seeming like years.

Inside her emotions swirled from anger to sadness to depression all of them hurting more then the last, Screaming on inside for someone to find her save her from this misery she called life.

This was not the place for her, not the place for a sophomore trying to have a normal life, not the place for Kaitlynn. A tear rolled down her cheek and fell to the bed.

The vibrate from her phone on the glass top of the nightstand startled her. She glanced down at the phone new message from... dad? She rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't imagining this.

There it was, she placed her finger on the view now button. What could this be about? She thought.

Did he get a new family, a happy one, one he would never leave? The opened message read something she wouldn't have expected it to say. "Kaitlynn, we need to talk, I'm sorry.

" She scrolled down her contacts to dad, hesitantly she scrolled down her contacts to dad, and hesitantly she pressed send. After the third ring it stopped. "Kaitlynn. Is that you?"

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