🎩 To All of My Haters >UwU>🧳 (Get your popcorn ready!)

To All of My Haters >UwU>🧳

(Get your popcorn ready!) haters stories

_queenie_ I’m Royally Amazing, And you are too👑💛
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To all my haters- Get your popcorn ready! Cursing Warning-

🎩 To All of My Haters >UwU>🧳 (Get your popcorn ready!)

I’m sorry that you hate me- But like If peeps are going to post stuff about me At least make sure that person is awake XD I don’t know who posted the “I hate Queenie stuff” But like bro. I was sleeping through it the whole Time-

And then I was watching Netflix Specifically The Vampire Diaries (Me ship Stefan and Elena XD) But I didn’t get on here because I had no reason too. But then I talked to Wilddreamer where she just goes like “Someone posted something bad about you-“

Okay don’t blame me but I didn’t take it too seriously- I mean someone posting that I was ugly and I had the corona- Wait- Wtf, seriously If I’m ugly at least get your facts about corona right. It’s kinda racist but like what isn’t? I’m not from china because seriously -_-

This is really hard to explain but I’m laughing for no reason- If you hate me- Try not to Make a point that roasts yourself back. You can say I’m ugly (Dude- That’s nice of you I’m insecure but seriously what’s the point of crying over it.( At least my personality is better than yours)

Idk Just Thought I’d make a point- If you want me to leave just at least say so- But I’m not leaving unless I’ve heard enough bullshit about myself- Because clearly I don’t give a frick about it. If you hate me- Join a social group that talks about that-

Welp I had enough to say -_- But again make sure I’m awake to see this shit- Welp thanks for making your point just sit down in a chair and wait 12345678910 years for me to take the hating notes. This just shows how messed up this year is-

But anyway, I’ll probably be dead by then- But hope you go to Hell! -Love you guys! Queenie

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