Soda for Cigarettes and Beer
Soda for Cigarettes and Beer soda stories

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The 70's, a different time and different place. New poem Monday morning.

Soda for Cigarettes and Beer

Grandpa says I have a job for you A short little errand to get me cigarettes and brew

The corner store knows me just mention my name And with the change have yourself a day

So off to the store, the house back in my view Thinking what will I get from the change that's unused

Ice Cream, candy bars, slim jims could be Maybe something sweet like some hard candy

I arrive at the corner store, and say who it's for The clerk says no problem, are you getting anything more

So i pace in circles, while my excitement so high I reach out and grab a Soda and Moon Pie

I gather up the Hudepohl, Camels and treats. Out the corner store and back to the streets

Arms fully loaded, I deliver the rest Sitting, tasting my Soda and Moon Pie, what a heavenly quest

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