Apparition Convenience Store 1
Apparition Convenience Store 1 contemporary fantasy stories

6tvi4mgbqogeoko Japanese illustrator with a disability
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A Japanese person with a disability has sincerely translated the original work into English.
It is a comedy touch work. There is no grotesque depiction. Please read with rest assured . It's a collection of short stories, so you can easily read it.
A daily story of a young man who works desperately to prevent the store from going bankrupt in an extreme rural convenience store where only monsters come.

Apparition Convenience Store 1


An extreme countryside convenience store where only apparition comes.

My name is Ooi Kurou. In Japanese, it happens to be the same pronunciation as the word "a lot of trouble".

I think it's a terrible name. As the name implies, I have lived a difficult life.

But the real hardship has begun recently.

Recently, I started working at a convenience store.

My workplace is in the extreme countryside. This area is extremely depopulated. So there are few humans. There are those who settled in place of humans. It's an Apparition.

Most of the income of this shop comes from the apparition. Apparitions inevitably come to this store, which is the only one in the village.

Even apparitioners need a place to shop for their livelihoods.

All the customers have a strong habit, but in order not to let the store go bankrupt, it is necessary to respond to their orders and survive the pinch.

That's why I'm constantly struggling every day.

This is a somewhat fun story of the strange and mysterious days I faced. to be continued

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