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...Gun Night Pt1

Life as Life

"My whole mindset has changed. I don't even have the energy to do certain things & be around people anymore. I'm just at the point in my life where if something feels like it's draining me, or fighting with my peace of mind & happiness, I'm not dealing with it, at all"

 Hi, I guess I have to tell you what are you doing here since...I created you a second ago. I am Mia. There is nothing more to it, you might find out more later in your life.   Today was cold, I like cold...I like it because it feels good on my skin, I can't take sunny weathers, I quickly get hot so you could say, I am warm-blooded.

Since I have big windows in my bedroom, It quickly gets hot, cold or whatever... I don't really know what to say to you. You are just new to me, I have never had something like you but I guess I will get used to it...having you around. 

 I mostly sit on my chair and type things on the computer, that's my pleasure and fun. Not going out, not having friends or boyfriends, just being alone with my cat. I grew up alone, playing alone and having fun alone so people aren't my thing, But! Stalking people, yes. I have stalked many people on the internet, why?

Well, first, it's fun and I get to know the side of people they WANT to show but if I dig dipper, I always find the real them. Second, I like to have power over people who think they are better then anyone if you show them something you have that makes them look like a shittly person they are, (and been hiding it from people.) they crumble.

I like it, that the MAIN reason for it, there are other reasons but I will tell you them later. Right now, I am stalking one of my "victims". A lot of people really don't know for much stuff you can find out about them. Like when you take pictures in your room, I can tell your style but from that, I can form some kind of "bigging" personality for you. You see I don't judge I just do my work

and delete the fils about anything I knew about you on my computer, I keep them on a USB drive if it's THAT interesting. My target today is... a guy. I found him on the street, in the morning, when I was outside to feel the cold breeze, it was really refreshing to walk until I found him. He looked really different...if you saw him in the crowd,

 you would see him like pink in really bright pink in the darkroom. That's how I felt when I saw him, I got hot inside my hoodie when it was windy. So I, of course, I got interested in him...soooo I followed him.  He walks inside a gift shop and bought a big bouquet of flowers. For a girlfriend maybe? Someone's birthday? For himself? There was no way of telling. So I followed him once more.

Now, it was early in the morning, like 6 AM so no one was around. It was really hard to blend in, so I needed to do something about that. I used a phone to take a quick picture of him and pretended to scroll threw my phone. It was getting really boring until he stopped walking, he didn't even look back once. which was fine I guess but I found it weird it as well. He put his phone and smiled.

Damn...he had a nice smile, really cheeky and bright. He answered started to walk around the same place. I just sat down on a bench near him but I couldn't hear anything. I assumed it was his girlfriend because of his movements and look she was looking down like he was checking out his shoes but looked up like someone called him, also he laughed a lot, I could have been entirely wrong but

my mind didn't refuse the chance of it so it took over that it was his girlfriend. But I still left some space for another side of him, I am sure, he has done something bad at least once.  He finally started to move again, crossing the street. I was really tired of him somehow, but I still start to follow him. He lad me to an apartment complex.

He was just standing there and then called someone. I could hear some mumbling, he had a high voice but still nothing. I looked at what street this was, then who owns the building. Which said on the top of the building. It was a company but not really well known. I wrote down anything and landing against a wall. Someone came out of the building and screamed so loud that made birds flew away.

It was a girl...his girlfriend, they hugged, kissed all that lovely stuff and she brought him inside. And that was it, I was kinda disappointed for some reason but I just rolled my eyes, and just continued whatever I was doing, just walking around until people start to come out on the streets. 

So I will see you until something happens, or I wanna tell you something that you need to know.  - Mia offline

Hi guys, I am back but with a new story because the last one was a dead end but I might still continue it. So I started this, its called "Gun Night". Tell me if you like this part. Also, I made an account on "quotev" and I posted this like 3 weeks ago and just posted a 2 part of this so check it out if you wanna read ahead. My @ is, writes38013 Thank you for reading! <3

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