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10-32 (Gun Night Pt1)


 It's been almost 3 weeks of figuring out who the guy is. Well, nothing much has happened, I hacked into the security system of the apartment, watched everything for 3 days. The guy, I refer to him as "Angel", because he looks like one. So Angel always comes to the apartment complex at 10 PM and takes his girlfriend somewhere, I still have not followed him with a car.

So I decided to get his car license plate's number to of course track him. But then I realized I am TOO obsessed with this Angel, who I still don't know and only like him for his face and style. So I decided to leave him alone and MAYBE just maybe try to figure out who he is only, not what he and his girlfriend do every night, or where they go. Which I kind of know already...

So after a day of not tracing him, I went outside in the morning as usual and found another guy, only because I was walking in an alleyway and it was a kinda shady place. Why do I care about this guy? Because he seemed too pretty to be in that alleyway and was probably in the mob since I know the gun logo of that mob. Again he looked too attractive for that and I felt like I was in fanfiction.

I hid behind a wall and listened to him since I am a curious human being. I didn't get much, the only thing I got was: 'Are you here?' 'Which one' And 'Send them ofter I am done.' So me feeling unsatisfied, took a picture of him too, and ran out like a coward. 

 As you can tell I live in a shady place, with shady people, Why? Because: 1. As I said, I am a curious little bitch, who doesn't know what to do in their free time.  2. I like this kind of stuff, mob, hacking, snooping around, being a pain in the ass, etc.  3. The apartments here are more affordable. So I think you get me. 

Anywho, after that, I just went about my day and studied for my exams at University, I study computer science if you couldn't tell. Then I figured out I am really good at it and decided to do my own work and do some programming, hacking, all that good stuff. I did more investigation about the mafia the guy was in and the only thing I got was that they didn't exist since the early 2000s.

So I got really confused. Was the mob making a recovery? Or they were hiding this entire time? I decided to dig deeper so I got on the deep web, which is really easy to get on if you have the right programs, computers, and maybe a strong VPN system. Then I searched the mob and found a couple of theories that may or may not be true. Which were:

1) 'I think they always existed but they are on the low. I heard that the leader got robbed but never gave up on his power and continued to be a leader, then his men left because he couldn't pay them/ he was not that powerful anymore and the leader was left alone. I did hear that he had 2 sons but they were young and couldn't take over or something like that,

right now there is no sign of them, not even police knows anything at this point.' 2) 'Nah, the leader was killed by the different mafia and that was it for them, I don't know anything more than that.' There were more theories but most of them didn't know, this was the only two that had the most likes but they were so different from each other.

After reading that I desired to rest for a bit cause this was kind of a lot for my mind to think about, I look out my phone and looked at the picture I took, for the first time...and the guy was looking right at me. My breathing paused for a second there, I gazed right into his eyes and felt like I was lifeless already. Then I realized I didn't move for a minute and shut the phone off.

I didn't sleep that night, all I could see was him, the guy in all black with his gun out... - Mia offline

Guess what? I am back, well maybe not completely. This couple of months have been really hard, I couldn't write anything... I thought anything I wrote was terrible but part 3 to this is still in drafts since it's not the typical 'style' of mine, it's more 'light' you can say. But! I promise I will post it but who knows when though... Anyways, have a great day/night, and see you in the next posttttttt ->

P.S do you guys know a good site where can you find good pictures/gifs? because I don't know if any pics/gifs in my stories match the actual story lol P.S.S HOLY SHIT BTS COMING IN HOT WITH THE ONLINE CONCERTS

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