A guide line to BTS
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245_arini Just a old adult life
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By 245_arini

A guide line to BTS

now loves lets begin

Okay this is BTS BTS can also be said as Bulletproof Scouts Bangtan Sonyeondan

proper picture

~ Namjoon ~26 ~ leader of BTS ~Rapper ~ has Dimples ~ God of destruction

Namjoon[RM] He was born on September 12,1994 which makes him 26 years old. He is a rapper . His mom never supported him šŸ˜¢ fun fact: he my bias wrecker now quotes made by RM

Life is more beautiful knowing we have taken a loan on death. Even light is treasured more when there is darkness.- Rm Even if you are not perfect, you are limited edition.-RM

Baby namjoon pictures

look at those mf dimples šŸ’–ā¤šŸ˜˜

~ Seokjin ~ 27 ~ Vocal singer ~ known for Dad jokes ~ Worldwide handsome

Kim Seokjin He was born on December 4,1992 which makes him 27 years old . He is the oldest member in the group. Jin was never intersted in music . he wanted to be an actor. like yes he should be in K-dramas with that handsome face of his.

Seokjin baby pictures

~ Yoongi ~ he also 27 ~ Rapper ~ gummy smile ~ Lil meow meow

Yoongi Yoongi was born on 1993, March 9 . He is the lead rapper. Yoongi's parents also didn't support him.

you ready for yoongi. i hope you are

~ Hoseok ~ 26 ~ Rapper ~ big smile ~ SUNSHINE

Hoseok Hoseok was born on 1994,Feburary 18. He dosent get the love and affection he deserves . He wanted to make his parents proud .

Baby photos incoming

Sorry this is only Hyung line I will make makane line tomoorow bye

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