Erudite Born AU Pt.2
Erudite Born AU Pt.2 insurgent stories

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Erudite Born Pt.2||Join Sabrina on her journey to Dauntless as she finds out who she is. And will there be romance with a certain Dauntless reader? Keep reading to find out!

Erudite Born AU Pt.2

(Part Two)

"Alright initiates, it's time for you to be introduced to your dormitories!" Our instructor, Four says.

He looks young, maybe about nineteen, but definitely not my type.

Besides, he's got a girl, so no need for everyone to drool on him.

We walk into the dormitory, and it's cold, like really cold. And there are no stalls for our bathrooms.

"This is where you'll be living for the next few weeks," Four says, "be ready to wake up early in the morning."

*Next morning*

"This is the leader of Dauntless," Four says, and the gazes are immediately shifted over the tall man.

He has dark brown hair and a lot of piercings. He has this kind of intimidating atmosphere surrounding him.

"My name is Eric," the man, of which I shall now call Eric, says, "I'm the leader of Dauntless as your trainer just said."

His eyes flicker across the crowd in front of him, all new initiates of course.

"We are going to split you up into two groups, one group will be trained by me, the other will be trained by Four," he grins mischievously,

and I get this feeling that maybe he's like one of those people that look like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll.

"Pick teams, Four you go first," and I get another feeling from him.

I recognize him.

Is he from my faction?

But he fits in so greatly here...

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