As the Candle Burns
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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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As The Candle Burns

As the Candle Burns

As the Candle Burn's, it's liquid flame standing so Tall lighting the Dark of Night, its solitude is it's own Master in it's Endless Gaze upon the Ticking clock of Time.

It's Molten wax Dripping down it's body marking it's own Impermanence in long lines like streaming Tears of hope,

It's silent knowing is like a Wise man but without the need for words, it's Flame does all the speaking spreading it's Mantra of light to Calm & sooth the most Restless of souls.

The candle keeps Burning looking on at Humanities stupidity at thinking it was immortal to life's Endless Spiral,

it watches silently as Desperate souls come & Stare into it's Flame in the hope it could answer their Wishes & stop the Tick tick ticking of Time but nothing can stop these wheels from their constant Turning.

Human's kneel down & Pray in a False hope & quietly whisper their Needs & woe's like it can be their Saviour,

but all that it can offer is it's Pure light as a gift as it is No different than Us.

It's wax is Burning away with Every passing minute of time the same as our's & it's slowly nearing it's own Natural end just like our own Mortal coil.

But the candle keeps Burning , it's waxy Body which once stood so Tall & Powerful is starting to Recede, it's almost down to it's Base,

it's last bit of Wick is crackling & spitting as it swims upon the sea of Molten wax .

But the wick hasn't given up just yet as it desperately searches in Vain for that one last bit of Solid wax to Burn but there is Nothing left, it's once Bright light is now just a Dim flicker,

the Dark shadows are creeping ever closer waiting to consume the space the Dying light is leaving in its wake.

Nothing can now stop the inevitable & as the Candle slowly Burns it's last burn the once Bright flame has diminished to nothing but the smallest trickle of light,

it's now surrounded by Dark Shadows laughing & mocking at its temporary existence till finally the Hot liquid Extinguishes the Dying flame for Eternity & the Shadows that have been patiently waiting pounce on

it's molten Pray consuming it in Darkness, it's one & only word for this Mortal world was a Loud "HiSS".

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