A Virus Named Humanity
A Virus Named Humanity humanity stories

13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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Through All the Poisions & Choas of an Insane World,

A Virus Named Humanity

Through All the Poisions & Choas of this Insane World that's Crumbling All around me with so many Stories to be told,

The Darkness that has Smothered Me Blackening my Mind, Has now Tempory left me, oh how Very kind.

No Negative thoughts today Just think positive an Inner Voice does say, look at Your Face its all lined & Chisilled, Hate makes you look so Terribly Withered!

Go for a Walk the Voice does say & Shed your Chains from All of Life's Decay.

It didnt take long for the Dark thoughts to intrude, they Never seem Happy till they Ruin my Mood, I shake my head in Disbelief, I had tried so Hard to just walk in Peace!

Blocking sad Thoughs from my Angered Mind that Quickly came back to me of All of Humanities Crimes,

A VIRUS we are lets make No Mistake, but now its clearly way to late,

All the other Puzzle pieces fit so Neatly together, for its Only Humans that have Broken Natures Tether.

Our Miss shapen Ego Destroys All thats is Good,

No Good comes from Humans thats Needs to be understood.

Greed won't be Happy until EVERTHING is Destroyed,

the World is on Fire you Need to be Told!

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