Funny i guess?
Funny i guess? jeez this might be a shitpost stories

011eggos Reddie is real✨🏳️‍🌈✨
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Idk if this funny.

Funny i guess?

Persephone: Welcome to the underworld, your new home! Y/n: Uhmmm cool Persephone: *Starts singing* Nico: Hey, can you keep it down I'm trying to order in!

Harry: *Minding his own business* Malfoy: WhY sO tEnSe PoTtAh?! Harry: I don't know, maybe because my godfather literally said the words 'people die in this tournament', sure you'd do the same. Malfoy:

Hades: So, Nico... Nico: Yes? Hades: What do you call this... uh... Man? Nico: ...My boyfriend. Will: Will Solace, Son of Apollo. Hades: You don't look how I imagined. Nico: We're gonna go get McDonalds Hades: Wait, weren't you gonna have dinner with us- Nico: *Already gone*

Nico: *Shows up with McDonalds* Piper: McHello again Nico. Jason: McHappy to see you Nico: Stop. Leo: *Walks in* Percy: Mcwow, your not thanking us for not Mcordering Chinese? Nico: Oh gods. Annabeth: Mcwhere's my Mcbook? Nico: Bye. Leo: McBye!

Hermione: I'm trying to read. Ron: I'm trying to eat. Malfoy: I'm practicing my catchphrases. Cedric: I'm trying to sleep peacefully in my grave. Cho: I'm trying to cry. Blaise: I'm trying to get better friends. Harry: I'm trying to study. Umbridge: I WILL HAVE ORDER! Cedric: Man death isn't peaceful


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