Hating is Easy
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Hating is easy. Anger is easy. Even happiness is easy. Everything is easy. Every emotion is easy, when you are put in the right situation with the right people. But what happens when the entire world is at your throat? What could you do then? Hate? Anger? They’re still easy. But what about happiness? Not as much.

Hating is Easy

"I am actually going to gouge my eyes out!"

"Put some pants on!"

"Lose some pounds."

I tug my volleyball shorts down my thick thighs. The girls on my team look around and giggle. I sigh.

"You know I am going to beat those guys up one day!" My friend looks at me when she sees my sad face.

"Yeah." I smile, trying to put on a facade of happiness. Maybe, once I change, they won't say a word about me. I pull on my jeans and a loose crop top and walk outside.


"This is even worse."

The yells turn it laughs and finally into snickers. I wipe away the tears before they fall and quickly sprint to the buses.

"Woah, jiggly thighs!"

"Haha, it looks like jello!"

I can just imagine them all pointing and laughing behind my back.


I lie in bed that night, quietly sniffling. My little sister walks in the room with her thumb stuck in her mouth, holding her teddy bear.

"Was wong?" She asks and I smile and say nothing. She cuddles with me in the bed and before long, she is snoring like the little baby she is.

What if I stand up to them? The world can't possibly be against me. Those were my last thoughts as I peacefully drifted off to sleep.


"Today's the day." I grin to myself. I wear jeans that compliment my butt, add a little bit of makeup and a cute tank top from Forever 21. I feel good about myself.

"No one likes curvy women." Someone whispers in my ear. I shrug to myself. Isn't that what's trending now?

"Ooh. Who you want to impress today?" A voice that is so familiar but I wish it was gone forever yells.

"No one. Why do you say that?" I draw myself up taller which is not that hard because he is rather short.

"Makeup, looking good. Scratch that, you're fat. You never look good." The teachers are all looking away and I force a smile on to my face.

"What if someone told you, you were tiny? Nobody likes tiny people." I try to make myself taller and he shrinks away.

"Hating is easy." I roll my eyes and walk away. I walk to the bathroom quite proud of myself, and I look at myself. You know for once, I feel proud of myself. I like how I look.

Nobody can tell me anyways. Suddenly, the door bangs wide open. He is in the doorway again and I gulp. I knew I was going to regret it.

"Why the hell are you in here? This is the girls." I state, trying to cover up my nervousness.

"Believe me, I know," And before I even know it, I am curled up into a ball. Punches and kicks land on either side of me and I wince and wince. Suddenly, there's a kick to my head and I faint.

Everything goes black.


I wake up in my house all alone, with a note from my parents trekking me that they have taken everybody else out to dinner. I sigh to myself.

My eyes glance upon a razor that is sitting on the bathroom shelf. I will myself to try and get away, but my arms just don't listen to me.

Blood drips and it hurts like hell, but it felt good afterwards. Felt like I deserved it. I sit there for a few minutes.

"What the hell did I just do?" I say to myself. I proved him right.

I call him up.

"What do you want, chubby?" He snickers and I can just see the smirk that is painted on his face.

"You can hurt me all you want. Call me names all you want. I won't ever get mad at you. I'll never call you names. I will never say I hate you. You want to know why?"

I hear breathing on the other side of the phone and I continue.

"Hating is easy. Try to fucking love."

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