Cut cut cut!!
Cut cut cut!! stories
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zoya He's my Ash...I love him!
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Cut cut cut!!

Cut cut cut!! The blood ebbs and flows. and i helplessly watch it flow out of me. My mind screams, the pain bleeds, blinding me, making my focus shift. I don't care about anything, all I feel is nothingness. As I see myself falling into oblivion, I an barely breathe. My throat sticks on itself and my windpipe chokes.

I cannot break through, I draw in that blade one last time, to see that blood, to draw in out, to drain it! My head pounds, my heart accelerates, my breathing ragged. I can't, I just can't do this anymore. The tears hopelessly fall as I see myself in a heap of helplessness.

This anxiety is killing me. Or is it just my conscience making me overthink?? It wants me to draw more blood. It says, "If we are all doomed to die someday, why not today?? You are just as pathetic as your excuses! You don't give people the time they deserve!

You are nothing but a disgrace! Everyone has to bear your pathetic self!" I hope death is painless...

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