Afreen Afreen....!!
Afreen Afreen....!! stories

zoya He's my Ash...I love him!
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Afreen Afreen....!!

I heard the light strumming of the guitar coming out of my music player and glanced at the song playing on it. I closed my eyes feeling every beat, every pulse, and every fiber that conspired the melody.

Up until that very moment, never did I realize that I would be able to experience such vivid emotions as I lay on my bed, my eyes closed, listening to the tune. The song spun around me, creating a sorcerous ambiance.

I was completely, literally and utterly feeling nothing but a bittersweet ache in my chest. It was a pain, anguish and yet, it soothed my soul as it engulfed me, plunging me into a bittersweet nothingness.

This was where the lines between philosophy and reality merged. I was at peace. There was no fear of flashbacks and no agony of the atmosphere around me. As the song ended, it left me craving for more. I do not recognize, nor do I realize what I was longing for, but the nostalgia lingered. Love was in the air indeed!

"Usne jaana k tareef mumkin nhi, Afreen... Afreen..."

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