The Bridesmaid Dress
The Bridesmaid Dress wedding stories

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A thousand dollars for a corduroy bridesmaid dress? Are you kidding me?

By: Carol L Crowell

The Bridesmaid Dress

by Carol L Crowell

Hi Suzie! I'm so honored you asked me to be your bridesmaid. You'll make a beautiful bride.

Your mom showed me the dress you want me to wear for your wedding. It's nice. So casual. Imagine a corduroy bridesmaid dress. Now that's a dress I can wear everyday.

But - I gotta question for you about the dress. OK?

Why did you ask me to pay a thousand dollars for it? It looks like your mom sewed it.

And I can tell your mom did a good job on making the dress and sure, sure, your mom's time and skill is worth something. But, a thousand dollars?

Oh, I get it - bridesmaids these days are supposed to pay for their own dresses at weddings. I understand that weddings are expensive. But a thousand dollars, Suzie?

Why are you smiling? What's so funny?

The thousand dollars wasn't for the dress? Then what was it for?

A new car? A new Mercedes? Really? Sure - I'll look at it!

Oh - goodness! It's so beautiful.

Thank you, Suzie!

Why, of course, I'll drive it to your wedding!

Suzie, you are a real good friend. Okay, okay.

Stop laughing, Suzie.

Yep, the joke is on me.

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