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My Hero Academia story. Sero helps out around the dorm.

Tape Dispenser

"Hey, Sero, do you have a moment?" Uraraka called out to me.

"Huh? Sure, I suppose."

She reached into her bag and pulled out two pieces of paper.

Or rather, it was a single sheet of paper, ripped in half.

"I happened to rip my homework by accident. Do you think you could put it back together with your tape?"

She laughed lightly to herself.

I sighed. "Alright, here."


"Yo, Sero! I need your help!" Ashido pleaded me.

"Well... okay, but..."

"Perfect! Come with me!" She grabbed my arm and dragged me to her room.

Inside, I saw her table, split right in two.

Actually, it was more than just her table. Her entire floor had collapsed.

"I had a bit of an accident. Could you put this back together?" She gave me a 'tee-hee!' kind of face.

"How did this even happen?..."


"Oi! Sticky! Get over here!" Bakugo yelled at me.

I wasn't able to respond before he grabbed me by the collar and dragged me down the hall. At the end, there was a massive hole blown into the wall.

"I broke it. Fix it with your quirk."

"... Please just buy your own tape."

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