Morning Routine
Morning Routine my hero academia stories

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My Hero Academia story. Iida goes through his morning routine.

Morning Routine

I spring out of bed and swing my arm around to the clock.


1 minute before the alarm! A new record!

As class representative, I should always strive to wake up right when I should.

"Too much or too little sleep is no good! It's all about moderation!" I repeat the usual morning mantra to myself.

The next step was managing my hygiene.

Take a short and cold shower to conserve water and wake yourself up for the day! Make sure you clean everywhere, don't forget a single spot!

Next up is brushing your teeth!

There's more to it than just brushing for 2 minutes! Make sure you're giving each tooth special attention! Get right up to the gums and brush thoroughly!

Rinse with mouthwash!

Remember to floss!

Manage your B.O. with deodorant! Fix your hair so that there isn't a single cowlick!

After that, it's time to get dressed!

Coat and shirt nicely ironed! Adjust them to be perfectly symmetrical! Tie the tie! Line it up straight! Okay, looking good!

Last item on the list: wake up the other dorm members! I slam open my fellow student's door.

"Bakugo! It's morning! Time to meet the day!"

I get blasted in the face.

"Shut up! Go bother someone else with your annoyingly strict routine!"

It's not always easy, but this is my job as class representative!

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