Class Disparity
Class Disparity rwby stories

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RWBY story. Weiss experiences a different kind of lifestyle at Beacon.

Class Disparity

I headed down to the cafeteria for lunch. I walked up to the counter and gave the lady behind it my order.

"One Soupe a l'oignon. Oh, and a plate of escargot with a bowl of fondue to compliment it."

The lady behind the counter just stared at me. Did she not hear me the first time?


A ladle's worth of sludge was dropped onto my tray.



"Weiss, you need to stop leaving your dirty laundry laying around." Yang reprimanded.

"What? It still hasn't been cleaned?"

"Uh, no? That's what happens when you don't clean dirty laundry - it stays dirty."

"Well, obviously. What I meant was I thought the laundry servant or whatever would have done it already."

"Laundry... servant?" ...


The rest of the team and I headed out to the town for our day off.

While walking down the street, something in a store window got Ruby's attention.

"Wow! That bolt would work great on Crescent Rose!" It seems like a certain weapon part has caught her eye.

Well, I suppose giving her a gift every once in a while is okay. I tell the group to hold on a moment as I head into the store.

After handling the business of purchase, I walked back out to where my team was waiting.

"Now don't say I never do anything for you." I clarify to Ruby.

"Really? You bought the bolt for me?"

"What? No, of course not...

... I bought the entire store."

A multitude of employees started bringing out cardboard boxes filled with the merchandise I've purchased.

"What kind of cheapskate buys just one weapon part from the store?"

"... Weiss, I think we need to teach you about how normal people live."

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