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RWBY story. Nora shares her stories with everyone.


"... and for some reason, it tasted different this morning! I don't know why, though. Maybe I used the wrong spice? Anyway, while I was eating it..."

Nora ranted without end into Lie's ear, which he was starting to get on-edge about.

"You know, Nora, that's really interesting. Pyrrha would love to hear about that."

"Really? Okay! I'll go find her now."


"... then I looked behind the wardrobe for it, but it wasn't there either! Strange, since the case was there, but anyway..."

Nora was beginning to test even Pyrrha's patience.

"That's really great, Nora. Why don't you tell Weiss about that? She likes those kinds of stories."

"Oh, okay! I'll go see her right now!"


"... I did it that way because this one time, my uncle tried it like that, and for him, it was like..."

One could practically see the veins about to burst on Weiss's forehead.

"Enough! Always going on about this and that, on and on with no end in sight. Can't you just shut it for once? It's like..."

And on she went for several minutes.

"... So just give it a rest!"


"Wow, Weiss, no need to be such a chatterbox."

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