The Sun To My Day

zaneerahaliCommunity member
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The Sun To My Day

You are the light of my heart

I wonder why we are still world apart

I love your smile

It's like the sunrise

Awakening me to a new day

So bright that I stare

How could someone have so much light in them

Doesn't he know he is a magnet?

He lits up my world like the sun

His love instlling life in my ruined heart

I always wished your mine

And now all my world will shine

Even though it will take sometime

Healing my hurt self

After the tsunami of pain destroyed

Everything that I am

I want to enter into the galaxies of your heart

And get lost there amidst the light

I want to stay right next to you

And forget the horrors of my past

I wanna be the flowers in your garden

That gives you joy whenever you look at them

To be the color that comes to your life

As how you brought in mine

Your the most handsome being I have seen

You aren't just one color

Your the rainbow that brought brightness to my life

After so much darkness and pain.

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@basharasweet Thank you:)

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Well written!!!!