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zale123 Change the world by being yourself
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Just a few of my thoughts on deadlines


I hate deadlines

Background: I have ADHD

And I don't know how to manage my time

Time in my head is either now or not now

And if isn't due tomorrow

It just doesn't cross my mind as a priority

Which makes school hard

And just really stressful

It is also hard to explain to people that I'm not lazy

That my brain is wired differently

And I don't even want to wait until last minute

But it's also not something I can easily control

Part of me can't help but get frustrated

At both myself and everyone who judges me

Because I also happen to be very self-conscious

And it's hard for me to disconnect from that

Which makes doing the actual work so much harder

Because not only am I worried about the deadline

But also about how others will perceive my work ethic and work itself

So really long story short

I really don't like deadlines

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