Things You Should've Known
Things You Should've Known romance stories

zahidah21, writing is my tranquility.
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Things you should've known, but you never did. A short story/writing. Make sure to play some slow music while reading this. It puts you in the best feels :)

Things You Should've Known

by Zahidah Binte Adnan

Things you should've known about her, before you let her go.

When she looks up to the sky and talks about how lovely the moon is, she doesn't know anything about what's going on up there.

Just like how she doesn't know what's going on around her mind when shes awake late at night and sleepless.

She drinks her black coffee without sugar or milk, and she tells everyone how lovely it tastes on her tongue.

Just like how she kisses all the boys who never loved her, and talks about how much she loves them.

She puts on her best clothes with floral prints and she'd tell you how lovely flowers are, but what she loves most are her cactus that she has forgotten to water.

Everyday she talks about how beautiful it is to finally love herself, but what she remembers the most are the days she used to hate herself.

Music is her best friend, it keeps her up in daze. When the music plays, her body sways.

Writing keeps her at ease, when she writes, she floats.

She lives in a fantasy, while you were living in a city.

Things you should've known about her

Are now what you know after you let her go.

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