Haunting Waves
Haunting Waves fear stories

zahidah 21, writing is my tranquility.
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Fear of changes. Fear of letting go. Fear of fear.

Haunting Waves

by Zahidah Adnan

Sometimes it comes without a warning.

You’d sit still trying to remember what’s unfolding.

Floating in between the horizon and away from these dark clouds.

You'll hear the thunder roar, aloud.

You’d feel the ground shake in terror,

As though mother earth praying to God to send down His mercy upon her.

“I’d swim through the great pacific ocean until I’d reach an end."

"I’d breathe in the wild tornado as it wipes me off my feet."

"I’d dance along the shore as the death of tsunami comes breaking through."

"I want to feel the insanity that's breathing in – the one that lies within."

"When my heart feels the rumbles of my fears falling apart, and my feet froze to the ground as the earth is being pulled apart."

"I have to let it go completely, to allow myself to breathe peacefully once again."

"For that, I have to risk it all."

"I have to fall.”

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