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zahidah21, writing is my tranquility.
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i am mentally drained at this point


by Zahidah Binte Adnan

Hey sis,

you are sitting across the room and we are laughing about things, and annoying each other with silly faces.

But hey sis,

you don't know do you?

That I am swallowing my tears right now, and thinking if I should tell you what's on my mind.

Hey sis,

I feel like dying tonight.

Maybe just for one night.

There's been so much things running in my head like a crazy marathon.

I've been swallowing my words when I want to speak to you.

Hey sis,

can I talk to you? I think I really want to die tonight.

I'm just not good at keeping up with things.

I think I am losing something.

I think I am losing myself.

Hey sis,

I'm sorry.

Let me sleep tonight.

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