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Opia - n. the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable—their pupils glittering, bottomless and opaque— as if you were peering through a hole in the door of a house, able to tell that there’s someone standing there, but unable to tell if you’re looking in or looking out.

Her eyes arrest your gaze. Into each pupil she pierces cautiously.

Scrutinizing, searching?

And you.

What do you see in the film which shields her; each blink a translucent film covers over.

Fear. Turmoil. Pain.

Such emotions eerily familiar;

Recognizable only because within each peering eye is another pair gazing back at you.


Truly, this is the path into the depths of a heart.

Of whose? The mere relection of yours?

Your heart wrenches.

She relents, leans back;

Satisfied. Inquiry concluded.

Something emerges within her slowly, gradually.

Intrigue. Hope. Delight.

A smile blossoms in her eyes as delicate as the formations of frost, Yet capable of warming the iciest of hearts.

A smile which drives out worry, Able to ease the most painful wounds.

Your eyes don't dare to close;

A precaution, should this be a dream, lest you wake.

Such a sight for sore eyes you can't help but wonder:

Could she just be a projection of your mind's desire?

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