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 I will wait for you poem stories

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A poem I wrote expressing the conflicting emotions I experienced whilst deciding whether or not to see the best in her. I work through my feelings and come to a decision.

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I will wait for you

Lost to your troubled world,

I gave you my word,

At the end of your pain,

I'll be there and I will wait for you.

Conversing in the silence,

Words that softly caress,

A gentle understanding,

Signs of something unconditional,

Leaves a heavy comfort.

Challenged to find the light buried in the abyss,

The demons are waiting for me,

But I will wait for you.

Soon to sprout horns,

Harsh whispers,

The demons begin their toil.

I raise a finger to their lips.

I will wait for you.

Remaining strong whilst followed by a deadly entourage,

Staring down at an empty hand,

Wondering if it'll ever be completed by yours.

I will wait for you.

When it's quiet,

Cold and empty,

And every slight sound can be heard,

Nothing hurts,

But nothing smiles,

Exposing the truth of who you are,

The chance to listen and absorb what's truly on your mind.

What do you hear?

The ungodly wail of demons.

They're starting to dislike you,

Distrust you,

Disrespect you,

I close my eyes and remember your face.

Transported back to a glance we once shared,

Embedding a feeling that's never left,

The strength to douse infernos,

I remember the essence of us.

I will wait for you.

Who is on your mind?

Who do you long for?

I gaze to the sky in search for comfort,

Scattered stars,

A sharp thin moon,

Softly lighting my thoughts,

The reassurance we both exist under the same sky,

A reminder of infinity,

Silence only holds questions.

I will wait for you.

Horns growing,

Poison tongues,

Hinting at delusion.

Are the dreams of us as fragile as they seem?

Deeply connected to my feelings,

Following the purest desires,

The most powerful force within us,

Always leads me back home to your love.

I will wait for you.

The day we reunite,

Our first embrace,

I'll hold you tight,

As I may never hold you again,

And this feeling will have to last a lifetime.

The regret of not following my heart,

Will always be a greater pain,

Not just for my loss,

But the missed opportunity to love you,

For the chance to see you smile,

And to never have to walk this world alone.

I will wait for you.

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