The Power in the Water
The Power in the Water    liquid stories

zacharymartinwe In love with the classics
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I hope it speaks for itself. Enjoy!

The Power in the Water

Your blood in the water is the fount of life

for the stars that spark my ever expanding curiosity

for the golden plains of the immortal life.

Dracula is but a weak reflection in the mirror

of the desire that burns inside, like lost diamond in coal,

for the spring found in the gardens of the fairies.

The explosive budding of Echo’s heart upon a long forsaken return

of promised love in excess (with the power of atomic consummation),

is but a willow’s soft whisper to the overture of my Pinocchio miracle.

My mind, found weighed down with shallow dwarven knowledge,

brings only what filthy treasures it has found in humble salute

to the blood infused sea that trumpets your great victory.

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