His Paintings.
His Paintings. 


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Dark soul

His Paintings.

He paints a dark room; Black and shades of grey. A hidden tattoo on his back, A devil eating it’s prey.

The paint brush is ancient, Made of kauri wood, and gold linings. The painting gives a feeling of sentient. The art is from old findings.

If you look closely you can feel history. No real colors yet it’s colorful Maybe you can go back a century.

Wondering why the neighbors warned you about this man He makes you feel like you’re in a different era I came here not thinking this was the plan To walk in the rain without an umbrella.

He was beyond our time. That’s why nobody understood the man Ignorant people would think he’s committing a crime. Sadness is where his paintings began.

You can’t blame his dark soul, He has so many stories untold. His painting weren’t history, He just presented his feelings with the expression of art and mystery.

His painting were real

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