Untitled sad stories
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yupphio 🌸🌺🌼🌷🌹
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Another depressing one I'm afraid πŸ˜‡

For all your loose denials of reality

And for all the shards of injustice you pushed at my hands

I never really wanted you to leave.

The string we tied

Is broken and frail,

Withered down from your complaints about my words being metaphors for not being able to love you

Or from my shouts as you left the house.

We said we would part as happy friends-

Although we both knew it wasn't going to happen that way.

So forgive me for thinking that

It's strange how

The sound of your shoes against the cold concrete street

Sound like the ticks of a clock as you leave

The finale;

of the loneliest thief in the world.

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