Your Scars Says Your Beautiful
Your Scars Says Your Beautiful bullies stories

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In school, She is getting bullied because of her scars, will she find someone who she can trust and defend her?

By: LadyEu_Runeight314

Your Scars Says Your Beautiful

by LadyEu_Runeight314

Summer is almost done..Its time to go to school again next week. I can imagine how lonely I'll be like last year..Oh please stop this loneliness I feel..

I want to have fun but it's so hard to get along with others specially when I'm different from them- In different, I mean I have this scars on my body..

It's because of the incident that happened last year in school..Back then I was always bullied because my father was a thief but it isnt true..

my father was a victim! He wasnt a thief but he saved lives..but it was okay with me..

The words that they say doesnt affect me so I didnt bother them one bit because I knew myself that my father was a hero... until the bullying got worst..They hurted me physically and I..

I was scared that time when this girl who was hurting me had a sharp thing on her hand...She keeps on hurting me with it so I got these scars...These scars..they..

they look awful in people's eyes. They said I was a monster, they said I should kill myself because it's hurting their eyes..But I didnt lose hope..I was just afraid that this year..

I was gonna get bullied again. 1st day of school: Introduction

It's the first day of school..I was sitting at the back near a window and I can see that my classmates was staring at me..No one sat beside me but this girl..she went near me and said "Hi"...

I said "Uhmm do you need something?" and she was laughing a bit and said "No, Wanna be friends? Your not used to talking I see..but dont worry I wont stab you in the back and she smiled..

I believed her and became friends with her. This afternoon as I was going to my locker, I can hear someone talking..and it was my classmates.

They talked to my friend and said that she shouldn't hangout with me..As expected I knew she would leave me but I was wrong..

I heard her shouted, "She isnt different from any of us! Just because of those scars? Those scars show how beautiful she is! And whatever you say I will never leave her alone!"..I..

my tears went falling down as I showed myself, ran to her and hugged her so tight that I never want to let go of this person..My classmates were shocked that they saw me and ran off.

She said, "Dont worry about it..I will never leave you and dont cry just be happy.

" I kept crying ang said, " Thank you for being my friend, Im so lucky to have a friend like you and I never want to let you go." She smiled and wipe those tears off my face.

The next day, I saw her getting pushed over by my classmates and said, "Just leave her or else we're gonna bully you too..Look we dont wanna do this but you leave us no choice.

Think about it again." And they left while she was still on the floor crying. I saw her and felt bad so I had to do what was right.

I told my teacher that she was getting bullied and that they should change her class, my teacher agreed and said, "Arent you getting bullied as well? You should change class as well..

And I said, "No thanks..I'll go to another country and study there. As I saw her-my friend.. I said, " Hey, We're over..Go find a new friend. She was crying and said, "Why?..

Why do you need to do this to me when I never left you and I never will! I said without hesitation, "Just leave me alone will you?! I'm tired..

tired of seeing you get bullied because of me! I'm a monster cant you see?! Leave me alone! She said, "Dont worry, I dont care if they bully me..

as long as we are together I wont let them hurt you. Just please..please dont leave me! My tears was falling down as well as hers..

I hugged her and whispered in her ears, "Why? Why tho? She said, "I..I promised you I wont stab you in the back so I'll never leave you alone.. You dont need to hold back anymore, Im here ..

you are not ALONE. I smiled and hugged her and didnt let go..It comes to show that there are people in your life that you will meet but wont stay with you forever..

but there are also people who will stay with you forever and wont leave you alone so if you meet these people I want to tell you that Dont let them go and stay with them because they

are special and rarely to find. And as well, Dont let those bullies let you down..Suicide is not the solution but having hope and faith in God is.

Thankss for reading!😍😘 The title is almost the same as the song called : Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara Check that song out..its amazingg!!!😆 It's for a friend who never left me behind hehe. Like. Comment. Follow😎😘

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