"A Gift For Someone Special"
"A Gift For Someone Special" friendship stories

yunikaxiaoyung I miss you<3
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What gift should I give to someone special?

"A Gift For Someone Special"

Wondering what gift I could give to you on your birthday.. Something special like you yet simple and memorable. It doesn't have to be expensive, it just needs to come from my heart, then what about I give you a piece of my heart and mind..would you love it?

I'm looking for a gift for a special girl, she's good in the inside and outside too. Whenever I'm alone, she's always by my side... So I want my gift for her to be special and unique...yet all she wants is a birthday card.

What should I give her?.. A birthday card like she wants or something that she really deserves. She said she wanted a journal, to write all of the beautiful memories we had, not only me but our group, Peymous Zesto Girls(PZG)

What a weird and funny name right? She named it. I could give you a journal that you wanted but a gift for you that you truly deserve is what I'm looking for..

So if a simple birthday card is what you want, I could give it but in that card..it is filled with love and passion. Simple yet beautiful like you. Your special and unique, I'm glad I have a friend like you. Thank you for everything and Happy Birthdayy!!!!

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