Letter to my blue dream
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Dear the most beautiful girl I ever seen, I can treat you right if you let me

Letter to my blue dream

Dear the most beautiful girl I ever seen,

I can treat you right if you let me

I can love you passionately if your willing to accept it

I know how it feel to be scared of love

But see love I'm the type of love you been waiting to see

I could love you enough to see right through what they made you believe as imperfections perfectly

Sometimes I wish I can ask god to turn you into one of my lungs just so I never have to go a day breathing without you

See saying I want to really get to know you is a understatement

I want to play your thought through my speaker like my favorite song

Im ready to read your dreams and imagine what life would be like with me in them

I'm ready to dive head first into a pool of your insecurities just to see if faith still floats

I wanna swim next to you inside the infinitepool of love we can create beautifully

I'm ready to open you up like my favorite book

Memorized your table of contents

read you from cover to cover

Just so I know you better then I know the back of my hand

I would edit chapter 8 and instead of call it me,myself, and I

I'll name it a new life with me...

Dear the most beautifully damage heart I ever met,

I want to touch your soul like my favorite instrument until your heart play songs that your lips doesn't know yet

I believe your heart is all the proof I need to know that god exist

I notice how clumsy are hearts are

Mines just so happen to stumble into yours

I want to guide my love onto your heart so it can steep into all the cracks your ex left behind

When I look at you

I felt like a kid again no no

More like Cupid didn't have enough arrows on him to hold this much love so he grab the moon and drove it right into my heart

And now I'm stuck here wondering How should I ever keep another thought in my head when she is all I care to think about

Dear the only voice make my heart jump,

What if I told you I needed to hear your voice as much as I can for reinsurance that this is real

My heart low key flatlinee everytime your eyes stares at mine

only to be jumpstarted by your soft spoken " you ok"

Dear my heart's keeper

You don't even know it but this heart belong to you

You don't even know how deeply your fingerprints are already imprinted on my heart

Or how after the first time I look into your eyes you stole the keys to my heart without even lifting a finger

I want you to find love and a place you forgot it belong in

I want you to find hope in me while being on this blue brick road to my heart

So Dear blue

I could be the one if you let me

So let's play a game

Any game you know

If I win you have to let me fall in love with you

If I lose you have to let me sample your smile

Let my heartbeat be the baseline and together create the perfect love song

And when people ask I can tell them we made music

your my heart musician and I guess you can tell people I'm your favorite song to play

If I lose

You have to let me fine tune your heartbeat until it sounds like my last name

So This poem can never be finish cause true love is endless

Dear my non photogenic beauty

I know you think you're not photogenic

But it's just that even cameras know they can't capture your beauty in simple frames in pixels,

when I see you walking towards me

your face is the only Polaroid still worth waiting for to fade in

when you hug me good bye I like how my skin remember the warmth you give me even when your not around

so dear blue

Our hearts are waiting on you

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