Sacramento “Nazi”
Sacramento “Nazi” youth speaks stories

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Witness the magic of Brave New Voices. Listen to Sam and Simone introduce the first rally of national "punch a Nazi in the face" day.

Watch the YouTube performance:

Sacramento “Nazi”

Welcome to the first rally of the National Punch a Nazi in the Face Day

You may be asking yourself is this legal

More importantly you should be asking yourself is this ethical

Even more importantly you should be asking yourself why isn’t this legal

If you remain unconvinced than ask yourself is the system that profits on the back of marginalized people ethical

If so, do not request paid time off

The exit is in the back

Now remember this is a safe space

Unless you’re a Nazi

Please leave before announcing your presence

Now if you made it this far Congratulations

You’re well on your way to punching your very own

Lightning bolt head Mosh pit stomping Bald headed ass

Looking like a mother fucking Naaaa-just bona fide Nazi

Now you may have realized that not all Nazis look like this

The Nazi may look like your boss

The Nazi may be your boss

The Nazi may be your president

The Nazi may call itself a member of the Alt-Right but do not be confused saying that the two are different

It’s like saying Southern pride and racism are different

Side note, they are not

The Nazi name may be Steven

Steven may be pursuing a liberal arts degree Steven may live with his mom Work a part-time job

Go to community college Steven may love to watch Bob Ross And paint lots of happy little trees

Fuck his paintings

Fuck Steven

Punch him in the face


You mean Columbus

No I mean Andrew

We mean Donald

We mean Thomas

We mean Clinton




We mean wait

You don’t get to pick and choose your battles anymore

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