The Monster Under Our Beds
The Monster Under Our Beds alive stories

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And we are the monsters of our nightmares.

The Monster Under Our Beds

by yourstrulymaryz

Dear heart, please beat for me.

Beat for me and them and everyone and everything that cannot beat for themselves and-

Dear Soul, please shine for me.

Shine for those who can't and those who won't because they are souless monsters and those who have been wronged-

Will have my dear tears fall for them. Dear tears,

Fall in grief and fury that they have been wrong that maybe one day they will be reborn into better families with mothers to tie their shoes and fathers to teach them ball-

That a sister will be there when the parents aren't and a grandma to tell them stories when they cry or a brother to take them to their first day-

They were abandoned. They abandon-

because it was all they know. And-

Dear Eyes,

Find me a gentle spot to settle down and see the world for the monsters we are that we were once abandoned and yet we still abandon others

And Dear Eyes,

Please stare off into the sunset where maybe the next sunrise will never come again because we are the monster of our nightmare and we are the monsters of our nightmares but it only-

Keeps us


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