"familiar" by Archy.

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yourlocalterran Community member
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poem about anxiety. personally, its more depression than anxiety, because i feel like for me anxiety is a side-effect of the big picture. anyone feel the same way?

"familiar" by Archy.

she is a bit too fond of me.

she will stick to me like wet leaves after a cloudburst.

she will suffocate me, like death is clinging to my cranium, making a nest beneath my flesh.

it does not make me want to hide, to hide means to conceal yourself from plain sight. what i want is to be away. somewhere where i can breathe and fall and not fret of hitting the earth. that is ok.

because though strangers and lovelies tell me she is no good, an unlucky penny, a cursed birth, a home with death in it.

that is ok.

she traps me in a divine forest, binded by my thoughts, so when she lets me go... i will stay.

she has made it so she is the definition of familiar.

my familiar has grown to be different from the kind of the store-bought pots.

she has made it so she is my favorite colors in the sky.

she has made it so she is the door i wish to walk through.

she has made it so she is unsaid words and written poems.

she has made it so i am a bit fond of her.

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