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I am not my past, I am who I am But my past keeps on lurking

Black HIstory

I am not my past, I am who I am

But my past keeps on lurking

I try to cover my wounds and bruises with a smile

I persuade myself to be okay when I am not

I always run away when I needed to face my past.

I always think it is the past

It should not matter anymore,

But it does.

I appreciate my mom, but I never experienced the warmth of a family.

I always try to understand them, neglecting myself.

I had to move to a foreign country because of a family situation

And I had to give up everything- my friends, my family, and my self-esteem

Moving to another country that I could not speak the language drove me to depression

I could not do anything all by myself.

People looked at me differently, and I started becoming conscious

I felt like I was a disabled person

My self-esteem plummeted

It drove me to depression.

Still struggling

Day by day

I thought I was ok

But it is all coming back again.

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