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“I did not break into a high security lab and steal a whole backpack worth of vials filled with water.”

The Cure

"Please don't tell me you did exactly what I know you just did."

"I did not break into a high security lab and steal whatever I could fit into this backpack."

I sit on my feet and sigh. This is... fucking crazy. He is fucking crazy. "You are fucking crazy."

He has the guts to tilt his head at me and give me a smile. "You love it." Then he slips the backpack off his shoulders and lays it on the ottoman. "Go through it whenever you want. Preferably soon since my face is all over universal news stations. But whatever. Tell me if you find anything of worth."

Niall sits down on the couch next to me and tries to drape his arm around me but I duck to grab the backpack.

"I don't care how nonchalant you are about this, but we need to get rid of this shit as soon as possible. Like... now." I'm already searching for the bag's zipper.

"But baaaaabe."


He shuts up as I pull out some vials. And then he starts talking again. "Oliver, my baby, my guy, my beautiful little--"

"Shut the fuck up and help me."

He groans and takes a vial out of my hand. "I got this from a high level room. Gotta be worth something, right?"

I squint at the rising bubbles through the glass. A crazy loud laugh finds its way out of me. "Niall, these are all vials filled with water."

"Well shit. I busted my ass getting those." I can't stop laughing.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you got something else that's not water." He starts biting his lip and looks down at his lap. "Right? You didn't just grab a bunch of these vials and shove them into the backpack, right? Oh Niall. Please tell me you didn't."

"I did not break into a high security lab and steal a whole backpack worth of vials filled with water."

"You fucking crazy man," I mutter.

How does this even happen? He can break into one of the most secure places on Mercury but can't fucking figure out what water is!? I huff and dump the rest of the vials onto the ottoman.

Among all the glass a gold chain lays gingerly.

"Hey, Naill. Where did this come from?" I pick up the necklace and hold it up. His face lights up.

"Oh! I grabbed that off of some lady. I thought it would look stunningly around your neck."

That's actually... kinda sweet. But also crazy. "Did you just yank it off her neck or what?"

"Um. Actually no."

"Nevermind, I don't wanna know anymore." I fiddle with the chained heart necklace and find a clasp. It's a locket. "There's something in here."


"It's a locket, Niall."

"Open it."

I do. Inside is another tiny little vial full of purple liquid. I pick it up and examine it. There's a label on the side.

"Oliver, it's the cure."

"I know."

"What do we do?"

"I don't know."

"I don't know either."

We both start crying and hold onto each other for dear life.

"Do you think we'll be okay?" He whispered, head nuzzled into the crook of my neck.

"We're all gonna be okay."

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