That’s History
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yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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He could care less for the King’s crown. Probably should care more since the king is his employer, but eh.

That’s History

Carter loves his job, truly, he does. But when it comes to stuff like this it makes him miserable. Who wouldn’t feel miserable sitting around in the darkened silence? He would rather be asleep. In his bed. Under his covers. Or naked. Both of those options under the covers, please. But alas, here he is, doing a measly security job for the palace.

Someone got tipped that there was gonna be an attempt today. An attempt by none other than the Shadow Thief. Carter truly hated that man (assuming that the Shadow Thief is a man) for stealing him away from his bed.

He could care less for the King’s crown. Probably should care more since the king is his employer, but eh. And nobody has shown up and it’s already four AM. Only two more hours to go. So… yeah. He’s kinda checked out at this point.

Carter is almost tempted into just popping some headphones in and singing along when he thinks he hears something.

“No fucking way,” he thinks to himself. “This is not happening.” He painstakingly stands up and crosses his arms over his chest. He’s going to half-ass this.

“Oi!” he calls out. “I’m tired as all hell and want to go home, so let’s just get this over with then, yeah?”

He can hear a muffled chuckle from somewhere in the pitch black room. “How ‘bout you just… ya’ know, go home. Won’t turn you in or anything. Truly, don’t give a--” the lights come up and he can feel the figure behind him before even turning around.

Carter doesn’t get the chance to see the thief’s face by the time a hand taps him on the shoulder and he goes crashing to the floor. His vision has gone blurry and there’s static in his ears.

The boy was curious, ya’ know? Wondered what the most horrific experience of his life was. He didn’t necessarily want to go through the whole ordeal but he was curious. He is no longer curious.

It’s dark magic. The Shadow Thief’s signature. Makes a guard relive the most horrific experience of their life. It’s the same magic put on dragon eggs in order to protect the unborn. He does not like this. Not at all.

Carter is caught replaying his first ever anxiety attack. The day his parents died. He sees himself bleeding and burnt and vomiting all over the concrete. His knuckles are all completely torn up and the pain doesn’t even register with his body.

He’s pulled out of the episode by an extremely sour masculine voice. “You reliving the first time you weren’t handed everything you wanted, Prince?” Everything in his body is shaking as he gets up from the floor. Carter looks at the scrawny tan boy in front of him. He wants to fucking kill him.

Sound of metal unsheathing and heavy breathing fills the room. And the rest… well that’s history.

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